The future of music is versatility and the annihilation of labels that artists have always had to work under. 

I promise you this.

We're already witnessing artists dipping from one genre to the next: Kanye singing, Lil' Wayne rocking, Passion Pit's hip hop production. But I think B.o.B should be the poster child of this transition.

B.o.B (which he says can stand for whatever you'd like, from "business over bullshit" to "Barack over Bush" [back when it was relevant]). He's a multi-instrumentalist rapper, rocker, singer - basically everything-er.

He writes better rock songs than the majority of rockers, and writes better raps than the majority of rappers. In his song "Lonely People" he manages to sample the Beatles, make a statement on the popular cliques we're all familiar with, AND have it just be a solid song. not just a solid rap song.

He's also got a song called I'll Be In the Sky that has four million plays on his myspace. Don't you feel lame for not having heard it! 

You should probably listen and love it, in that case:

AND he's got two free mixtapes for you to download. 

Wow, what a guy.

Look out.

(click the links for an instant download)

Hi My Name Is B.o.B

B.o.B's The Future

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