Printing the Newspaper Supplement

Magazines and newspaper will always have superiority over online news because of what this video shows. 
The hard work, team effort, material aesthetics, and physical gratification. 

When I write something for the internet or any sort of online news outlet, I immediately feel like it's being thrown into the ether of the internet and, in a way, being lost forever. Even though it's momentarily rooted in one location, it forms this intangible ..thing.. that, despite having my name slapped on it, feels gone from me.

But having your thoughts on paper, and I imagine, in the paper, in a magazine, it's there. There's no reaching into space to pull out your thoughts from a blog post or something. Despite being able to rip it up into a thousand pieces or burn it down to dust, it still seems like it's always been more alive than a story dropped into the internet abyss.

I wouldn't mind working here a single bit:

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