Big Boi - Shine Blockas (ft. Gucci Mane) (Video)

Start this new year right!
I was going to call this one of my favorite tracks from 2009, but it's more just a leak
because Big Boi's album is taking a century to come out.

I'd prefer more Outkast than solo albums,
but the song still has that super cheery Outkast vibe nonetheless.

Director's note:

I was kickin it at Walmart with Big Boi fuckin' around filmin' him.

I mentioned that earlier that night I had been drivin around with Zach Wolfe scouting locations,

just cause and Zach had mentioned that the streets looked perfect for shootin a rap video.

So it’s 3:30AM and Big says he’s down to do a late night adventure.

I call Zach Wolfe up and he’s 110% down.

We meet across the street from King/Memorial Marta train station.

Filmed in the streets Gorilla Style.

Handed in the footage to Sumner by 7:00AM and

BOOM..Here it is!

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