What a piece of dirty ass these Grammys were.
The only thing I wanted to see/hear was
Lil' Wayne, Eminem, and Drake's performances.
I could see them, but hearing them was a different story.

There was probably more silence than music.
At least that's how it feels in my memory,
and I'm guessing in most peoples' memories.

So for the record, fuck:
Pink and her old ass, Elton John and his old ass, Slash,
Taylor Swift, whoever put Mary J Blige with Andrea Bocelli,
whoever chose to turn MJ's Earth Song into a lackluster wanna-be Avatar experience,
that country band that sucked their country's dick
by singing the anthem shittily,
Green Day's old no-longer-punk punkass,
whoever didn't invite Kanye, because..
I guess there would have been too many opportunities for him anyway.
blah blah,
the Grammys.

Oh, and here's the performance no one
got the chance/choice to hear:


Sabrina said...

michael planned to do a 3D experience for his concert BEFORE avatar came out....

Ryan said...

fair enough,
unfortunately doesn't cancel out the fact that it sucked.

the only point my ears perked up was when i heard MJ's vocals and immediately thought "who's singing so g... oh it's MJ"