Frost/Nixon (2008)

I'm not a political follower, I'm only even beginning to become interested in politics. The time and the generation we're in and a part of I think definitely doesn't promote the redeemable aspects of the whole game, but I'm seeing a shift in interest in public; it's appearing that way at least. 

I watched the movie Frost/Nixon earlier and it really moved me (in a way I wouldn't expect from Richard Nixon).

The movie follows British TV reporter/journalist David Frost and his uncompromising need to interview Nixon after his resign from presidency. Frost and Nixon initially want the interviews for the publicity, the money, and the chance to elevate their careers (Frost for the first time and Nixon for a resurrection). But in the end the interviews become a battle of either mediocrity for Frost and renewal for Nixon or a pure answer for America and a cleansing of Nixon's soul. Deep stuff for Tricky Dick.

Why you should see the movie
It single-handedly turned me onto, at least, learning more about certain politics in history, it presents something you probably wouldn't learn about any other way and in a form that is still complete entertainment, and the acting alone is breathtaking. 

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