Stop and listen

Why does rap have to be about ringtones and excessive wealth? Back when Run DMC started making songs it was 'boom, boom, clap'. I can make a beat as complex as theirs in about 10 minutes on my PC, but to recreate the energy, the thoughts, and the drive in those songs isn't going to happen. Public Enemy came along and opened up a whole new world for production and sampling, but the message was still loud and clear, so why do people have to dumb themselves down now? 

There's a stereotype nowadays for rappers to fulfill, and that's exactly what they do. The fact that they do it is a shame, because they're taking something that in certain windows of time is one of the most modern poetic things we've got. When someone like Soulja Boy is getting famous, who has nothing going for himself musically (rap, rhymes, beats, or production), it's about time to reassess the situation. Is it too much to ask for some innovation?

Rap doesn't have to be a joke, but if you're only known as an artist for having too many cars to fit in your driveway then you're going to end up supplying the punch line.

And I'm just a skinny white boy who wears flannel, but the truth is the truth, so don't fit into the stereotypes that everyone loves to give you!

This is what rappers should aspire to be like. 
Watch these and don't get goosebumps, I dare you:

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