My little Chi-na girrrl

Time for a classic.

David Bowie is an all-around amazing guy. This is obvious. He really deserves a full on, well made biopic on him, and not just this horrible, horrible movie.

Earlier tonight his song China Girl appeared in my head and wouldn't stop playing. So I listened, and it's still stuck there. I found out though, that originally it was released by Iggy Pop years prior, but just wasn't really anything special. 

What warms my heart about the whole thing behind this song, the reason for this post, is that years after Iggy Pop's release, he was bad into drugs, his career was disintegrating (more than it was before), and he was close to bankruptcy. His life was so much in the gutter that his chum, David Bowie, couldn't stand around and watch. He basically told him to clean up, and to help Iggy out he'd record China Girl and give him the royalties to that song. What a strangely hospitable act for a rock 'n' roll star. Only Bowie...

It's especially messed up when you've got Ziggy Stardust telling you your life is getting out of control.

David Bowie - China Girl

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