Oh my Blog! I've been digitally star struck!

I was just about to begin another brief post on another crappy rap song I’m listening to; or, another guilty pleasure I’m indulging in, in other words. But I found something that was such a delight, I felt like aiming higher than that today.

An artist I can’t get enough of is Momus. Nick Currie (aka Momus) somehow remains the best-kept secret around the world. If I’m trying to introduce someone to his music, I unfortunately always have to warn with something like “now, he’s a bit odd”, “it’s pop, for sure, but just take it with a grain of salt maybe?”, "you might not like him, he wears an eyepatch" because he’s an artist who can so easily be misjudged. Or maybe perfectly understood, just, not accepted in the way ring tone artists are nowadays. And that’s anything but bad.

I admit I admire him on many levels. He’s an amazing, absolutely original artist in the sense that he can take ten different songs that he loves, fuse them together, and create something of his own that is perfectly distinct.

He’s also a journalist, he travels around the world, he loves everything Japanese, and as I just found out a few minutes ago, he happily talks to his fans...

His blog is always worth reading, and he talks about whatever he’s up to or thinking about at the time, or just shares some new music. It’s one of my favorite blogs to look at because it feels so much more cultured than others I take a gander at.

So the other day I worked up the courage to comment on one of his posts, curious if he would ever take notice. I tried my best to sound as cool a person can talking to their mentor across the world through a computer screen. I gave a red-faced comment, and banged my forehead in embarrassment after reading what I had just written in stone on his comment board. But that was that! And I got on with my life.

Until I checked the same board tonight and low and behold, thinking, “oh muh gawd… he pretty much like.. talked to me.”

He modestly thanked me for the comment, and now I’m star struck by someone I never even met.

It made me realize though how amazing technology is getting. Blogs are really simple, convenient things, but when they can help you to communicate with someone across the world, beyond you, you have to think, what a world we live in nowadays.

Then I started thinking about if this technology existed years ago. Tupac would be blogging to his fans about Catcher in the Rye (which was an old favorite of his, apparently), Kurt Cobain would be posting doodles he drew the day before.

The possibilities are endless. And I’m left feeling like anything is possible, as I finish this post and reluctantly get back into my homework on Martin Luther and the Reformation. Maybe some day I’ll be in snowy Japan, responding to some kid who admires me and my music…

Momus' blog can be found here

(thanks to Gerry Visco via flickr for the pic)

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