"Watch me do me! Watch me do me!"

I thought it would be a good idea to get my own blog so I could tackle some universal issues, like the ethics of stem cell research, and the state of the war in Afghanistan.

Just kidding.

Most of my posts will probably be about the latest weird movie i've watched, a cool CD I found, or what Kanye West was wearing the day before.

So I think the ideal place to start is with T-Pain's new music video, obviously.

There are so many great things to note in this video, some of which:

1. T-Pain apparently can rap (and.. really fast?)

2. T-Pain apparently has a human's voice, not a premature robot's.

3. T-Pain does not wash his hands after he uses the washroom.

4. DJ Khaled is becoming more recognizable for saying "We the best!" and YELLING than actually creating the music rappers.. rap over.

5. Lil' Wayne is REALLY busy. Like, too busy to make an appearance on his best friend's music video (who name drops him).

6. Akon is hilarious (if you can make it to the very end).

Anyway, I hope other people get as much enjoyment out of that as I do, but I truly doubt it.

I have to begin so.. much.. homework.

I'll be bahck.

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