Top that!

The 80's seemed to have been amazing and horrible at the same time. I'm both glad and disappointed I missed them. I can't help think of them as the generation of puberty; always appearing a bit unnatural and uncomfortable, trying to figure itself out (mostly resulting in failures), but it's still something so distinct and universal, everybody can recognize it.

90% of the music is pretty rotten, and the movies are no exception either.

The 80's movie that comes to my head immediately every time is Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan. It came out in '89 and it should signify the closing of the decade, but it looks and sounds like the very essence of the 80's. 

It's strange to think 9 years before it the first in the series, such a different movie, was made and how timeless it can seem, despite the goofy characters (that includes you, Kevin Bacon). 

Amazing how much 8 sequels can change a concept.

Actually, on second thought, not that amazing.

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