SLik d - Midnight Vibes (mixtape)

I try not to judge a book by its cover
when I'm looking for new music.
But with a lot of rap mixtapes it really seems to be
an accurate way of sifting through countless songs.

I'm glad SLik d had such an eye-catching, minimal cover.
This is something I would've been disappointed to overlook.

to listen to the whole thing, and download.

Hey, summer, hurry up.

So sick of winter jackets.


Image by Kehinde Wiley


Nooo homework, plz.

The Christian resolution to find the world ugly and bad has made the world ugly and bad.

-Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science


J Dilla Documentary

Great interviews with the people who were
closest to the man (excluding those the most close).

Freddie Gibbs is 8ball & MJG in '93

Freddie Gibbs - Slammin' (MP3)

via fader

Souljaboy sounds like Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle

Some people really don't deserve money.


*New* Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish

Homework Music

The Elephant Man OST - Track 10 - Adagia For Strings:

Madlib - The Healer (Instrumental):

Daedelus - Fin de si├Ęcle:

Essay + spring break = madness

I'm writing on madness (via Foucault).
So it evens out. Or unbalances that much more.
Having trouble respecting this assignment,
so probably just going to tie in references to Psycho
and other pop culture as much as possible.

Brilliant Michael Wolf Photo Series

100 images of rooms in "Hong Kong's oldest public housing estate," each 100 square feet in size.

This is definitely my kind of thing.

Candid photos of normal (but nonetheless interesting) people.

Strange to see how messy and attached

the women are and how neat and willing

to let go the men are!

via michael wolf

T'aint no big thing



NWA songs (just the swearing)

Someone had a good idea.

Find more here.

jj, "Let Go" (Video & MP3)

This video is making the one for Jay-Z's "On To The Next One"

look like bird and dog shit being mixed around on a palette.

Not to say OTTNO won't continue to be played

in my head



I transition from one place to another.

jj - Let Go (MP3)

(via Secretly Canadian)

Pursuit of Happiness cover

I would hate this in concept,
but, I like it.


Jack White almost hits a strike with a guitar on his back



Concerts I'm in the wrong country for

Danger - 4h30 (MP3)

"I imagine myself walking down a dark alley, alone,
while a group of cyberpunks dressed in a Madmax style stare at me,
I see Harrison Ford investigating, and Maurice Dantec."


Volume up.


How To Make It In America (Ep. 2)

This show is way too addictive.
I knew I'd love it before I even started watching.



Black Ant

This dude is my most proud find in a long time.
The easy comparisons are Flying Lotus and muddy Madlib beats,
but you can hear, somewhere in the samples and production,
how refreshing and new Black Ant is.

Maybe he's a brand new breed of sampler.
Out with dusty fingers, in with MP3 searching.

Click the link below to download one of his mixtapes,
which has a shitload of gems:

And you can find a bunch more

Rick Ross - Addicted 2 Money (ft. Birdman) (video)

This just makes me want to post up outside of a 7-11,
drinking an 8 oz carton of milk with Rick Ross.
Also, I don't know any food recipes that
call for that much baking soda...


Chiddy Bang - Opposite of Adults (video)

Been bumpin' this one since the summer,
or maybe before.
And I will continue to bump it.

Feels cool to have been watching them (like Neon Indian)
transition from tiny to (soon-to-be) huge.

Thom Yorke & Flea

The innerchild in me is shitting bricks
(and also the outerchild.. out of me).

Two of the biggest music icons vibing off of each other.
I've almost never wanted to dance to a youtube concert video
like I do to this one.

Radio Dept - Heaven's On Fire

I was already so down for summer time,
but this just kicked me fully into gear.

There's a sax solo and I don't give a fuck!

Concerts I'm in the wrong country for


Neon Indian on Jimmy Fallon

Some well deserved spotlight for Neon Indian!

I actually wasn't sure if they could transition from

blog band to a sort-of-mainstream-ish accepted one,

but those people dancing above them in the background seem

to be proof that these tracks will be played at

a dorm party near you soon.

For better or worse.

This performance sounds so much

better than their recordings too!


Morning Benders - Excuses

Phil Spector wall of sound
created by a room full of San Francisco's finest indie musicians.

I've felt like the Morning Benders have been
one of the most important indie pop bands
in the last few years.
Can't wait for their new album.

Concerts I'm in the wrong country for


Fallen (1998)

Always stay skeptical, like Denzel.



Mon Insomnie, "Barbed Wires"

Losing motivation to do school things.
This sound of this song describes my mushy feelings.

Also started watching
Not helping.

Lil Wayne toothache keeps him out of jail another month

Weezy's floss game has been down lately.
I didn't think you could get toothaches with 24-karat teeth.


Concerts I'm in the wrong country for

Syntaks - Blue Sunshine

This song isn't super unique,
but it's the visuals that are really
getting me going.

I'm always a sucker for
simple overlaying and transitions like this.
People somehow rarely manage to do them right.


I'm lovin' this "Internet" thingy

I'm making all sorts of digital robot friends!
They say what I do is "genius"!
They describe my work as "mega cool beans"!
Other things are being said too - cowabunga!

Here's what they've been tweeting about me:
Maybe I should join this twitter thing
that all the kids are raving about!

By the way,
here's the remix that these blogs have been
posting about:

Dan Black - Weird Science (mixtape)

This is the kind of thing I've been waiting for.
Dan Black is an amazing pop musician who has a knack
for turning classic hip-hop songs
into amazing contemporary pop songs.

Without a trace of irony,
and make you want to go as nuts,
if not more than Biggie ever made you want to.

This is free, amazing music.
Download and support.


1,2,3 - Confetti

This song is amazing just to hear in the intro
how most songs go from
pre-production to post-production.

Made my eyes pop out when it kicked in.

Norm Macdonald and his weiner dog

I used to think Norm Macdonald was the funniest guy in the world.

I still stand by that.


Concerts I'm in the wrong country for

Mos Def - White Drapes

The purple filter on the video,

the reverb on the beat,

the overdriven effect on his vocals,

the way it abruptly begins,

the lyrics as always -

what do these things have in common?

They're perfect!

I've been watching this video on repeat on-and-off

the past few days because I can't find the MP3 anywhere.

Vampire Weekend blogotheque

This is the most fun performance ever!

Stick Vampire Weekend in a big room
with a bunch of happy Parisians
and you're good to go!

As soon as everyone starts clapping,
I'm infected.

Lil Wayne in jail

In less than a week he'll be there,
and I'll be sad, sort of!

But just imagine how much better his next album will be
after he's done some serious jail time?!

“This is Lil Wayne going to jail. Nobody I can talk to can tell me what that’s like,”
he says [to Rolling Stone].
“I just say I’m looking forward to it.”

Well, that's optimistic, at least.