Pusha wins. Sorry Kanye. But, Pusha wins.
That Ric Flair line. He's rapping like we don't know who he is.


Jet Age is part of the Odd Future fam and they're
damn well worthy of a spot in your earholes.

This is a free 18-track album, so dig in, sit back, and don't forget to support when the time comes!
Recommended for fans of N*E*R*D, Gary Wilson, and Outkast (when Andre's wearing his space pants).

And that's some accurate fucking artwork for their sound.






Two words: Busta Rhymes.
I think he's still somehow underrated.
Listen to the first minute and tell me his verse doesn't knock you off your feet.

Also, never forget charisma.
That's just one more reason why his voice will
remain in your head after the song's over.


This album is so god damn good. It's hard to listen to an album
front to back nowadays. Paul Wall & Chamillionaire make it a breeze.


If we're on the Kanye kick again for a minute...


Always my favorite 'Ye track. Always.
The thing that has been making me feel weird about his new album
is that all the reviews are saying "he'll be remembered for this one" and stuff.
In my mind, he needs to be remembered for College Dropout.


Yeller wears the same shoes as me, so we're pretty much best friends.




I love going back to these interviews.

Love seeing when an artist is actually as quirky as their art.

Have you seen Kids? Korine wrote it at 18 or 19.


via RNT


I'm already biased because I love Breton crackers.


The break has given me a chance to finally catch up on some movies I've
been wanting to watch, one of which being Spike Lee's Clockers.
Lee's ability to capture culture in NYC certainly justifies his Hollywood status,
though he's been known to make poor choices with the direction of his films sometimes.
Word of advice: don't watch the film on youtube, the audio is disabled in one of the last scenes.



Watch the full series here.


Everything about this video: great.

Fuck the Hype Williams haters.


'Cold Fish' (Sion Sono, 2010)

I haven't watched an Asian film in a damn while.
There was a point in high school that I tried to do at least one a day.
During that time, and still, Japanese director Sion Sono has stood out as one of the best.
He's done done some great stuff, from the surreal horror Suicide Club to the 237-minute Love Exposure.
Really hoping I don't have to wait an eternity for this one to be released, or at least a torrent to pop up.

NhT Boyz & The Brother-Hood



Chubby white dude with a voice like Ghostface.



Hear Hums are talented little sons-a-guns.

Mitch Myers and Kenzie Cooke make up the Florida indie band
who embrace the DIY lifestyle in every sense;
they film their own videos,
write their own press releases,
run their own blog & networking sites,
& make their own artwork (unless they get jheri to help).

Not to mention... they create beautiful, ethereal music, as well.
There's a few things to cover (they keep busy, as you've probably noticed)

They have a new album that they just released through Crash Symbols.
You can download Psyche Cycles here or stream/buy it here for five dolla.

They've also got a mesmerizing new video on their hands that Wayne Coyne would
likely love to curl up and watch with his nose two inches away from the computer screen.

The video combines the first two tracks of Psyche Cycles, "Cerebellum" and "Woo".
As mentioned, they shot and edited it themselves, no movie footage or youtube rips.




New mixtape from jj coming through just in time for your warmed tea and cookies.
Sincerely Yours seems like a really great label, but why the fuck are they using Usershare?
Oh well, 'tis the season to be jolly. Somebody get SY a premium account on Mediafire for xmas.

Listen to this track, it's all you need to decide whether you need this or don't.



What's good, y'all. The year is almost over, it's Christmas eve, and it seems
like everyone except me in the world is finishing up shopping, so I'm bored.

Here are my favorite songs (that I could think of) from January to January.
Hope you find some good ones that you may have missed the first time round!
(keep in mind: these are not the "best" or "top" tracks, just my favorites)

Oh, and happy holidays.

update: blogger gave me a DMCA warning,
so I made it all song streams. They sent me another one.

What makes me the lucky one?
So now there's not even a stream of the tracks.
Thanks internet, now no one can have fun!

Earl Sweatshirt - Luper

When Earl's verse cuts to silence and he exclaims, "I fucking hate you" your ears perk up. You're offended, taken aback, but relating with the emotion in his voice. And then, near the end, when he says under his breath, "fuck it, you'll never listen to this shit anyways," you decide that this 16-year-old is spitting some shit you can back up, no matter how old you are or what you've gone through. Like in the brief moments of the Slim Shady LP when Eminem mentions - in between lines about defiling corpses - that he hates how his mother raised him. The character is unmasked just long enough to realize they're just as flesh and bone as you are. Download his amazing album right here.

stalker - My Swag *removed*

I think this really marked my first big fascination with anonymous internet artists. The imagery that came with stalker's creations always remained minimal and abstract. It may be my imagination but it feels like it predates the overpopulation of triangles and satan swag that filled up the Internet through the rest of this year. It's Souljaboy's "Pretty Boy Swag" but it sounds like it was forced through the nine circles of hell and back again. This was the first noticeable track that dropped by stalker and it wasn't quite DJ Screw or Salem or just any Indie kid with Audacity downloaded on his macbook. It was... stalker.

Waka Flocka Flame - Hard In Da Paint (ft. Ciara)

It's likely that Flocka actually has more haters than fans, and he's surely embraced it at this point. The unrelenting aggressiveness of Gucci Mane's apprentice is what has sent him soaring overtop his mentor this year and what made me want to go through with smashing everything in my house on numerous occasions. If there was ever a bad day, this became the reward for enduring it all. Your parents would be confused and disappointed if they heard it, and isn't that what we all secretly strive for in life?

Jai Paul - BTSTU

This track served as an endlessly entertaining one. Equal parts tender and fist pumper. Feels like Jai Paul designed this club/crib favorite and took a bow (seeing that this was really the only original track he dropped this year?) You can't ignore a song that opens with the line "don't fuck with me" being sung quietly into your ear. A mysterious and undeniable masterpiece.

Husalah - You Neva Know

Producer Dex Beats flipped a glossy 90s R&B track and turned it into an underdog beat that continuously trips over itself while Husalah warns that you always watch your back. The production alone gives this a deserved spot on anyone's yearend list, but Husalah, after a long stint in jail, hops on the track, raps like an experienced father and sings unapologetically out of tune, which only adds to the charm.

The Pack - Fresh (Lunice Remix)

First impressions must be a big thing for me. This is what really got me onto Lunice - everything from the pitched 808s, synthesized bells, to the creative use of a single word from the same song as the refrain. The original "Fresh" is good, but it's actually 3 6 Mafia's inclusion that made me not listen more than once or twice. Lunice must've shared those sentiments because he tossed Mafia's verses and added what is probably a total of ..three different instruments overtop the acapella. And I wouldn't want to hear a single thing added to it.

Droop-E - I'm Loaded

Speaking of minimal production, Droop-E is the king of self-restraint. E-40's son has been producing since he was 15 and it shows with the professionalism on I'm Loaded. The beat is simple, his verses are simple, but this is the furthest thing from belittling his talent. If everyone made Lex Luger beats, music wouldn't be worth listening. This is what makes music beautiful: you can go from a chaotic song and then turn on a track like "I'm Loaded" and zone out or drive around all night long and never want to find your way home.

Girl Unit - Wut

Girl Unit must've been so incredibly pumped when the vocal samples for "Wut" fell into his lap. I'm sure the song could survive without those pitched up yelps - it's doing just fine with a fat slap, stabbing drum machine snares, and a synth pad that sounds like a choir of voiceless robot gospel singers - but the urgency of those screams cutting in and out make me able to listen to this track over and over, regardless of its track length (mine is seven minutes, I think some versions run shorter and also longer).

DOM - Living In America

This is pure synthpop rock from a band that no one on the Internet let alone the world knew about a year ago. But a lot can happen in a year, and DOM can attest to that. The lyrics are goofy and ironic, the keyboards sound like they torn out of their sockets during an 80s krautrock show, and all-in-all it's just the perfect quality for those who miss their Sony Walkmen.

Lil B - The Trap

Choosing my favorite Lil B track over the duration of a year is like choosing the funniest Seinfeld episode (if that show went on for another 30 seasons). There was always something about "The Trap" though. It was released smack in the middle between tracks like "Wonton Soup" and "Swag On My Dick" and it had Based God at his wisest, preaching about the "mindset" of living in the projects and why we're not sufficiently taught about taxes in school. How does that relate to being a "pretty bitch"? That is the true genius of Lil B.

Crystal Castles - Empathy

The Canadian duo continued this year to create songs that make want to dance, cry, make love, and get drunk blind. Their formula for writing songs has proven to be successful and I can't see them slowing down any time soon. This is a track that could easily let any rapper fill in the grooves (I think Big Boi freestyled over it?) but singer Alice Glass's sensual singing and jaded melodies helped make this a song I could listen to all year round and continue to do so into 2011.

Sade - Soldier of Love

A certain demographic would be angered by me saying this, but I'd honestly never listened to Sade before this song dropped. Safe to say though, the song dropped on the internet and I bought the album the following day. I haven't had a song do that to me since, but this track had such a sound that dug its way into the nooks of my brain and set up camp for weeks. The rolling, militaristic snare, the sporadic (almost heavy metal) guitar, and the singing. Never has such a masculine voice sounded so sexy to heterosexual ears, and the choir of male warriors she has behind her sound like her willing slaves.

Yelawolf - Pop The Trunk

There is so much emotion in this song. Say what you want about Yelawolf, his image, his voice, whatever. Turn all the lights out and turn this song on. That piano line; his flow; his tone. I recommend it.

Kanye - Monster (ft. Bon Iver, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj)

This was one of those tracks that leaked a few times, each release having a little more recorded. What I didn't hear until the final release was Nicki's verse. And wow, did they really leave best for last. People have hated on the beat, saying that there's not enough production magic going on, but honestly, I wouldn't want this track to be any busier. We should really just thank Kanye for holding the best party ever and recording the audio - because I like to imagine that's how this went down. The structure of the song makes it thoroughly enjoyable, feeling like a Tarantino movie where the cameos just get better and better the further you get into it. And just... Wow, Nicki could've retired after that verse.

Robyn - Dancing On My Own

2010 was also a great year for Robyn, after at least five years of more-or-less musical hibernation, the super Swedish 90s pop sensation jumped back on the scene with a shit ton of releases. There wasn't a single moment of awkwardly getting back into the swing of things or catching up with the contemporary sound. She somehow managed to nuzzle her way into every listener's heart - from that preppy bitch you went to high school with to that cool dude who doesn't say much at the clothing store. Not to mention, Pitchfork gobbled up everything she did, so that helps. The songs on my list, the ones that really made an impact through my year, seem to be ones that dominated a number of genres and blurred the line in as many ways as possible. Robyn could turn this into an acoustic track and make it a candle-burner, easily. But instead, she's confessing her sad drunk thoughts overtop a four-on-the-floor beat, the stable synth holding her up the entire time.




Big K.R.I.T., Goodtalk Vol. 9 (Curve Your Enthusiasm) (Mixtape)

Most underrated artist of 2010.
This entire mixtape is spot-on, I didn't delete a single track.
And. AND. There are no fucking DJ drops. Thank god.



Some great post-rock-ish instrumental music.
Once in a while I'll be listening to this kind of stuff and really not
want to hear a person's voice over the emotion that each instrument has built up,
and I'm happy the opening track of this free album allowed for the chords to speak, not a voice.


Such. A. Good. Video.


Big K.R.I.T. ft. Curren$y & Killa Kyleon

Big K.R.I.T. kills it as usual.




I prepared my ears for some aggressive punk shit, but this is tender and beautiful. And honest. And funny.

Felt like getting ready to be slapped by your biggest crush in school,

closing your eyes and receiving a kiss from them instead.

666 ▲FWGK†A 666

I ejaculate to each and every Odd Future release, but those motherfuckers need an engineer.




Good energy. Don't be boring, rappers. Listen and take notes.



Lunice is fuckin' killing it with the old school vibe.


New Orleans female MC was one of the victims of a double homicide yesterday.

Magnolia Shorty - Monkey On The Dick

Lil B - The Summer



This was made in 2010. I think that makes me enjoy it even more.



Gorgeous song, titled "Wilhelm Scream" found on his upcoming album.

Jim Jones - Blow Your Smoke

(see text in previous post)


Watching this video on such a cold night feels like I'm doing it wrong.


Female MCs stand up!
It's your time.

We know you can put out better material than what's on Pink Friday.
We know you don't have to get gross liposuction to make us care about you
(or your career that we used to care about over a decade ago).

And honestly, there's just a lot of dumb dudes out there today claiming to be the best.
Signif, I think it's time to show them what's up.

from her forthcoming EP, Signficant Wizdom.

from her full length album, The Transition (free on bandcamp).


Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, "Household Goods"

Props to Tonje of NFOP for putting me onto this.

Seabright - Dark City EP

"I'm gonna keep adding songs, now 'til Jan. 1,
just to see how many I can squeeze on."

Kohwi - Hidden Trees

"I can't seem to make up my mind when it comes to what kind of music i want to make.
So what is the result? A continuously warping every-flowing continuous day-trip
dreamworld of an auditory experience. Jumping ship from weird electronic pop, psychadelic,
hip hop, IDM, minimal electronic,underwater glowing warped piano ballads, ambient, whatever.

I call this album psychadelic sleep music. It's not really meant for sleeping to,
but it's meant for those moments in between asleep and awake
where your consciousness is most susceptible to altered versions of reality.
That's when my album will sound best.....or when you're on drugs.

Artwork by the ever awesome Jheri of GETOFFTHECOAST."

Music is so different now. Fuck a PR person or a manager,
this blurb is more interesting than anything even the journalist (me?) could
write for this release. Kohwi also attached a Sugar Ray cover in the email.

Like. Dude knows how to woo people. Or me, at least.

download or buy the full album.