Hear Hums are talented little sons-a-guns.

Mitch Myers and Kenzie Cooke make up the Florida indie band
who embrace the DIY lifestyle in every sense;
they film their own videos,
write their own press releases,
run their own blog & networking sites,
& make their own artwork (unless they get jheri to help).

Not to mention... they create beautiful, ethereal music, as well.
There's a few things to cover (they keep busy, as you've probably noticed)

They have a new album that they just released through Crash Symbols.
You can download Psyche Cycles here or stream/buy it here for five dolla.

They've also got a mesmerizing new video on their hands that Wayne Coyne would
likely love to curl up and watch with his nose two inches away from the computer screen.

The video combines the first two tracks of Psyche Cycles, "Cerebellum" and "Woo".
As mentioned, they shot and edited it themselves, no movie footage or youtube rips.

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