Sean Price, "Let Me Tell You" (Video)

Sean Price is mean and angry,
but I love the silly shit he does out of nowhere in this video.
(see: russian dancing during one of the breaks)


Best Coast, "Boyfriend" (MP3)

This one isn't quite as catchy as her songs in the past,
but it's still better than everything else in the world.

This is from her new album, get hyped!

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All I Do Is Win (Remix ft...EVERYONE)

On DJ Khaled joints, one artist always excels and soars above everyone else.

One word for this video: Busta.

Skip to 1:20.

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Mark your calendars

New Kanye,
New Cudi,
New Big Sean.

MNDR, "I Go Away" (MP3)

I associate hipster glasses with talentless pricks
Don't be fooled by MNDR,
she is a through-and-through talented, awesome musician.

Z-RO, "Blast Myself" (MP3)



From MMR,
"this album is an example of all the emotion i needed to let out."


Lil B,"I'm A Fag, I'm A Lesbian" (Freestyle) (Video)

Lil B is an ignorant motherfucker,
but this is as syrupy as the BP oil spill.

I enjoy the thought of teleporting someone like
Roy Orbison back into existence right next to me
while I listen to this song just to gauge his reaction.

Stalker, "Scrape" (MP3)

Nicki Minaj has nothing to do with this post.
Just, damn.

word to Kellz.
But fuck a remix,
this is a nightmarish re-imagining.

Darwin Deez, "Up In The Clouds" (Video)



Been a while, w'sup ya'll?
You know how we do it, listen & d/l.

Did they seriously just sample my favorite Christmas song ("O Holy Night")
and turn it into a sludgy dragfest? Who the fuck said music is going downhill?

Hooray! Some local super lo-fi talent!

The Books are the kings of sampling.
Hip-hoppers: listen and learn.

8-bit bleeps, screaming female vocals, neon rap beats,
how can you hate?

Is an instrumental more or less likely to be removed
for copyright infringement? Hopefully less.
Ice Cube does his usual thing on this oldie,
yelling and saying cool stuff,
but the beat is all I'm concerned with.

Crystal Castles, "Celestica" (Video)

Some girls dress goth to hide what really is a lot of natural beauty,
but damn, Alice Glass just wears this shit to accentuate what she's packin'.

She rocks this graveyard like Pam Anderson (era-'91) did the beaches of LA.


Early Father's Day gift from 89 The Brainchild

89er sent this track our way today,
great sample with a good story being told.

From 89er,
"As Father's Day is on the horizon i think about alot folks coming
from single parent homes. rarely have i seen males in that lone parent role.
I'm very blessed to have bout my mother and father play a large part as they are still together.
With this song i took the position of a young man who... well i'm not gonna B.S. anyone.
this is a "semi" true story about me b***hing up and later realizing the mistake.

Production by Exile with 89 the Brainchild doin the rappity rap thing"

PVT, "Window" (Video)

This song is huge, and the video is equally so.
I'm always a big fan of POV (no porno).


Devo has a listening party for cats

I still don't want to hear the damn record.


Lissie, "Pursuit of Happiness" (Kid Cudi cover) (Video)

Yeah, yeah. I know this song is all old and no one cares about it anymore and stuff.
But this is really well done, not cheesy or "beautiful".



M.I.A, "Space" (MP3)

Whatever it has been called,
"Space For Ol Dat I See", "Space Odyssey", etc.
Here it is, finally, in good quality.

It's the album closer, and it's pretty fun, y'all.

50 Cent in his prime



This dude's a child prodigy.
He's E-40's kid, which is perfect, because I always wanted
to get into 40's music, but I could never get behind the weird-ass voice.

And download his new mixtape, The Bay Genius vol. 1 here!


New Pornographers, "Crash Years" (Video)

This song spontaneously jumps into my head roughly every three days.


Current re-obsession.

Can't find a video of my favorite track, "Never Gonna Leave Me"
and I don't want to post it - it'd be removed in a second.

But This one is another favorite from her album, We Are Born.
When she plays it live, it's introduced as "Crap Your Pants".
Love this lady...

Tennis, "Marathon" (MP3)

Although the majority of indie bands nowadays seem to put
more effort into the uniqueness/ambiguity of their
band names than their actual songs,
Tennis split their efforts pretty well.

I don't know why, but I couldn't not click on a song by "Tennis".

This sounds like it was recorded off of one of your dad's
old warped records. Love the quality and clarity of her voice.

Tennis, "Marathon" (MP3)

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Muddafuckin' hustla myoozik

My macbook's charger is finally kaput, I think.
So I'm stuck with the ol' Windows for a little.

Tha Carter III deserves all the praise it gets and more,
and Tha Carter II deserves "underrated gem" status.

TCII might be in my top ten albums ever,
it is in my car no matter what and it never tires
when I can't find something else to listen to.

Lil' Wayne, "Hustler Muzik"


Shaun Boothe, "Let Me Go" (MP3)

More Shaun Boothe? Yes, please!

It's been a minute since we've heard from Shaun Boothe,
but with the way this sounds, we can forgive the man.

Nineteen85 is on the beat again,
who helped him with Shaun's underrated hit, "Poor Boy".

Fuck The-Dream,
because with this Lykke Li sample and his summer sunset flow,
Shaun Boothe has earned the "radio killer" title in my mind and in my car.

Oh, and they're shooting a video for it this weekend,
expect a post of that soon enough.

*NEW* M.I.A, "Steppin' Up" (MP3) (CDQ)

This has remove me written all over it,
so enjoy while it lasts!

These songs are sounding more incomparable with each leak.
She sounds "realer" than every rapper right now.
Probably because she is.



A super single for y'all from our favorite invisible artist, RxRy.
Three songs melted, mixed together and hardened into one.

(might take a moment to load - big file)


Interview w/ Bangs

If you've ever stumbled across this thing called YouTube,
the odds are about one in two that you've seen Bangs' big hit, "Take U To Da Movies".

Bangs is a Sudanese rapper who currently resides in Australia.
His forte is harmless music about how "life is hard" and taking "u to da movies" is fun.

Obviously, haters gonna hate.
But Bangs has said in interviews time and time again,
"Fuck the haters, I'mma do me".

Which is gross to picture,
but good that the man can stand up for his art.

By the way,
from what I can find,
this is like his fourth interview I think.


RH: First of all, what's your real name? Why did you choose to go by Bangs?

B: My reall name is Ajak Chol I choice Bangs coz everthin' I do it

jus come outta my mind Bangs thats how I got the name.

RH: I think your history is worth explaining to people,

could you go into some detail on growing up in Sudan?

What was your childhood like?

B: when I was in Sudan I was young abit hard coz no walfaire in Sudan

u have to work hard to get money and u have to go skool

so I used to sell plastic bag to have money to go wit it skool.

RH: How long have you spoken English?

B: I came to AUS [Australia] 2003 so is about 7 years now.

RH: I read that you immigrated to Australia when you were around 11 years old, why did this happen?

B: I dont no anyhtin about that coz wen I was 11 my mum told us we goin to AUS

befor that I gat [cousins] in AUS so they send us a VISA then we came to AUS.

RH: How has your life changed since you moved away from Sudan?

B: My life is changed coz I miss all my friends [cousins] and da place

changed if I was in Sudan I'll be haven fan wit my relative and friend.

RH: Your album Hard To Be Up was released last year,

what was it like putting together your first album?

B: I been workin so hard jus to put the songs together & I go to da studio

only once a week I didn't know if I was gonna make

an album so I worked hard to put da songs together.

RH: What is your songwriting process?

How long does it usually take for you to make a song?

B: Well I write song when I listen to da beat coz the beat tells me

wat song to write about I make my own beat

& it took me a bout a 3 Hour to write a song not 1 week.

RH: “Take U To Da Movies” has become pretty big on the internet,

but a lot of the fame has come from people making fun or hating on you.

How do you respond to the haters? Do you ignore them,

or do you confront what people say about you?

B: Well I was born to be a Hip-Hop artist I do music for my fanz

& I dont care wat haters say as long as I found my dreams I'll keep do wat I'm doin.

RH: How do your female fans react to "Take U To Da Movies"?

Has it helped your love life?

B: wow Take U To Da Movies it changed my life

and makes more female come to me and take them to da movies.

RH: You have a lot of American influence in your music.

From your point of view, do you think America is a good or bad place?

B: yea America is a good place for music and good place to leave.

RH: Who are some of your favorite artists from around the world?

B: My favorite artists are Fabolous, Sean Kingston, New Boyz, and Akon.

RH: What can we expect next from Bangs? Any new songs or album coming soon?

B: ur gays will expect more music from Bangs just be pation and keep

A big thanks to Bangs for taking the time to

write back and accidently call us "gays".


Glittering Shipwrecks

Nathan (aka Glittering Shipwrecks) sent a sweetheart of an email
my way earlier today and I was worried I'd have to post just out of guilt
and obligation even if his music stank!

Luckily, I didn't have to outstep my boundaries as a perfect, ethical journalist.

Because.. his music is great!

As Nathan stated,

"It's a good way to fantasize about days in more beachy climes

instead of being smothered by the blistering heat of Dallas (my home)."

As technology advances and improves rapidly,

it seems like music lovers and musicians become more and more

interested in the flaws, errors, and plain low fidelity of

certain recording equipment and techniques.

A lot of the time it's just a cover-up for bad songwriting,

but once in a while it's as perfectly flawed as the

freckle on your girlfriend/boyfriend's face.

You can also download an old, extra lo-fi EP of his here.

Ellie Goulding

She eats pieces of shit like Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne for breakfast.

Oh and get the amaaaaaazing Chiddy Bang remix:

Ellie Goulding, "Under The Sheets" (Chiddy Bang Remix) (MP3)

Rae Spoon, "Love Is A Hunter" (Video)

Rick Ross

Rick Ross can be cheesy as hell; the fat P. Diddy, if you will.
But damn, I'm a sucker for the heavy, fake strings and grand percussion
he always seems to end up rapping over.


Hazey Jane

Hazey Jane, "Twinky Twinkle Lil Star" (MP3)

Hazey Jane, "Mclovin" (MP3)

Hazey Jane resides in Belgium.

As everyone else is running around drinking great beer

and eating great waffles, Hazey can be found in his bedroom

capturing ambience in microphones like fireflies in a jar.

I don't know if it's just me, but this shit sounds frigid.

I must be keeping you guys cool with all these chilly chillwave posts.

Download the new, free Hazey Jane EP here.

He's been crafting this shit for months.


Theophilus London, "I Want You" (Video)

Goodies: Halifax Edition

Welcome to my homeland,
where it's almost always either raining, windy, or just cold.

Around here there's a lot of bad, boring music.
But, despite my constant disbelief, good music does get made here.

Click away and give a listen to some of the best
representatives of Halifax indie, pop, and rap.