Interview w/ Bangs

If you've ever stumbled across this thing called YouTube,
the odds are about one in two that you've seen Bangs' big hit, "Take U To Da Movies".

Bangs is a Sudanese rapper who currently resides in Australia.
His forte is harmless music about how "life is hard" and taking "u to da movies" is fun.

Obviously, haters gonna hate.
But Bangs has said in interviews time and time again,
"Fuck the haters, I'mma do me".

Which is gross to picture,
but good that the man can stand up for his art.

By the way,
from what I can find,
this is like his fourth interview I think.


RH: First of all, what's your real name? Why did you choose to go by Bangs?

B: My reall name is Ajak Chol I choice Bangs coz everthin' I do it

jus come outta my mind Bangs thats how I got the name.

RH: I think your history is worth explaining to people,

could you go into some detail on growing up in Sudan?

What was your childhood like?

B: when I was in Sudan I was young abit hard coz no walfaire in Sudan

u have to work hard to get money and u have to go skool

so I used to sell plastic bag to have money to go wit it skool.

RH: How long have you spoken English?

B: I came to AUS [Australia] 2003 so is about 7 years now.

RH: I read that you immigrated to Australia when you were around 11 years old, why did this happen?

B: I dont no anyhtin about that coz wen I was 11 my mum told us we goin to AUS

befor that I gat [cousins] in AUS so they send us a VISA then we came to AUS.

RH: How has your life changed since you moved away from Sudan?

B: My life is changed coz I miss all my friends [cousins] and da place

changed if I was in Sudan I'll be haven fan wit my relative and friend.

RH: Your album Hard To Be Up was released last year,

what was it like putting together your first album?

B: I been workin so hard jus to put the songs together & I go to da studio

only once a week I didn't know if I was gonna make

an album so I worked hard to put da songs together.

RH: What is your songwriting process?

How long does it usually take for you to make a song?

B: Well I write song when I listen to da beat coz the beat tells me

wat song to write about I make my own beat

& it took me a bout a 3 Hour to write a song not 1 week.

RH: “Take U To Da Movies” has become pretty big on the internet,

but a lot of the fame has come from people making fun or hating on you.

How do you respond to the haters? Do you ignore them,

or do you confront what people say about you?

B: Well I was born to be a Hip-Hop artist I do music for my fanz

& I dont care wat haters say as long as I found my dreams I'll keep do wat I'm doin.

RH: How do your female fans react to "Take U To Da Movies"?

Has it helped your love life?

B: wow Take U To Da Movies it changed my life

and makes more female come to me and take them to da movies.

RH: You have a lot of American influence in your music.

From your point of view, do you think America is a good or bad place?

B: yea America is a good place for music and good place to leave.

RH: Who are some of your favorite artists from around the world?

B: My favorite artists are Fabolous, Sean Kingston, New Boyz, and Akon.

RH: What can we expect next from Bangs? Any new songs or album coming soon?

B: ur gays will expect more music from Bangs just be pation and keep

A big thanks to Bangs for taking the time to

write back and accidently call us "gays".


Anonymous said...

I love this very much. Thank you Mr. Hemsworth.

Anonymous said...

This is fucking horrible. Just disappear Ajak Chol

adam albanna said...

this guyyy.....take u to da movies coz i like poopcorn#adooomi#yousef#graham is an immature cat loving person who would actually pay for bangs music#truth#hurts#catsby

Christian said...

this is awesome, you rock bangerz

Roger said...

Bangs, you're next-level stuff bruh! Keep at it!

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