The Fantastic Mr. Fox (trailer)

dir: Wes Anderson
voices by: George Clooney, Bill Murray, Meryl Streep, Jason Schwartzman, Willem Dafoe, etc, etc.


Team Teamwork

Well suck me sideways. 
The fellas who brought you the amazing, revolutionary Ocarina of Rhyme brings you a new mix of creative remixes. Note creative. Hard to come by with remixes a lot of the time nowadays.

Holy Song of Storms...

If I could favorite something to infinity on youtube, I would for this video.


Discovery - LP

My immediate question was "how did two of the palest hipsters around create my ideal summer dance mix?” 1/4 of Vampire Weekend and 1/6 of Ra Ra Riot, this duo squeezes those predictable radio sounds until they churn out the purest pop.

The physical album is splattered with the colors of summer dreams, exposed by waves of pixels – displaying the album’s crystallized synth, syrupy harmonies, and gushing rap beats perfectly.

Whether it's the constant giggling during their take on Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" or the innocence of "Slang Tang" ("I need to wash my sheets or i'm-a go insane"), this album will up the level of fun at a party near you.

Discovery - Can You Discover (MP3)

Discovery - Osaka Loop Line (MP3)

Rich Aucoin

I'll be writing a brief article about this crazy-talented local artist for the Coast in the next couple days. 
His debut album was made to sync up perfectly with How The Grinch Stole Christmas. 
Pure entertainment! Makes the time fly by.

HERE's the film with Aucoin's score (give it a little time to load).

Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love - Blackbird 3

Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love - "Blackbird 3" from Other Electricities on Vimeo.


Phoenix - 1901 (acoustic)

Wicked version. Them boys know how to dress too. 
Shoe envy.

Kid A - Wasnotwas

KiD A- wasnotwas from Ann DaPanda on Vimeo.


Wu-Tang Clan's demo tape (1992)

I love this kind of stuff that surfaces after time. 
This was made, I guess, about a year before Enter the Wu-Tang. 

Where The Wilds Things Are: Spike Jonze & Maurice Sendak


Mazes - Love To Lay

Perfect fun summer song/video:


I'm back

Had a wonderful week in Ottawa with my girly - time to dance the night away with happy memories:


Julie Doiron - Consolation Prize

Julie writes music that is actually unique for a girl to write.
And this is a slightly creepy but cool video!



Here is my favorite short film, in its entirety. 
Directed by local genius Jason Eisener:


Webzine 26

Lil Mama says MJ, JC, same diff.

If I were religious I'd say something along the lines of:

Eternal life is equal to Off The Wall? You're a smart human being.

What is it again you do Lil' Mama? Collaborate with Avril Lavigne?

She reminds me of the girls in high school who danced in the hallways instead of attending class. Why w... Whatever.

...Not to mention her "favorite MJ moment" was herself, performing an MJ song when she was younger. 

Michael would moonwalk across her face.

Cool Kids - Black Mags

The Cool Kids are coooooooool.


Virtual outfit....

I was really bored.. and I ..  I like...  I ...  SHUT UP.

You are going to die

Choclair - Let's Ride

I may be the only person in the world who remembers this song. 
Much Music used to kill this one, I remember being very confused by "the hot girl smoking a big cigar in the army jeep".

I wonder where Choclair and Maestro are now. They did the Canadian-artist disappearing act.

Pill - Trap Goin' Ham

This is some genuine, scary shit. Shot in Atlanta, on the spot, nothing planned. They moved from location to location filming pimps, junkies smoking crack, people dealing drugs, everything. 

You can read the entire behind-the-scenes story right here, crazy stuff.


Pitfall (1962)

This film's director Hiroshi Teshigahara made one of my favorite movies of all time, Woman In the Dunes, and he didn't disappoint with this one. This and Woman are two of four movies he collaborated with the author/screenwriter Kobo Abe and brilliant composer Toru Takemitsu

What begins as an interesting look on worker's rights turns into a dramatic, not horrific, telling of a ghost story. 
All while maintaining its beauty as a simple, daring work of art. Undeniably an art-film, despite how sucky that term sounds.

Teshigahara is certainly the closest thing Japan could ever have to their own Hitchcock.

Michael Jackson's Neverland Arcade

Life-size Power Rangers? What kind of kid wouldn't have slept over at Michael's..? 


Say goodbye to baldness, one brushstroke at a time!

Andre Kim is a Korean fashion designer, and he has found the cure for baldness: paint. (You know, that stuff you put on walls and other surfaces and inanimate objects)

Kim says the idea came to him in a flash of insight. “I was painting my house, and as I looked into the full paint bucket, I thought to myself, ‘This looks exactly like human hair!’” It wasn’t long before Kim using the paint on his own head.

“At first, I was worried that it would look fake. But as you can see, those fears were unfounded. Go ahead, run your hands through my paint. Can you tell it’s not real?” According to Kim, this won’t be his last invention. “I’m developing a technique where we can cure shortness with really big hats."

But there's one question everyone is asking! "Does it work?!"


Eagle and Talon - Ice Life

Music is so nostalgic nowadays. This band has a super '90s sound, it's neatly kickass. 
Don't be scared off by the homemade-looking video - it's just a fun party, duh!


Coconut Records - Any Fun

Me loves Jason Schwartzman (and Chloe Sevigny)


Regina Spektor - Dance Anthem of the 80s

I used to hate the name Regina Spektor without hearing a single note from a song of hers. Just one of those artists you dislike because of who you associate with liking them. But it turns out she's actually awesome. And here she performs with a beat boxer I love, Reggie Watts!


J.ViLL - 1000 Miles On Broadway (Mixtape)

I've been in contact with this guy for a while now, and there's no doubt he's legit as an artist and a person.
New York rapper/singer who could be compared to someone like Kid Cudi, but he's much different.

He just released his first big mixtape and it's solid as shit - literally better than any other crappy mixtapes rappers are putting out right now.

Trust me and give it the listen it deserves, support the artists who are going out of their way to put free music out!

Summer encapsulated in 320 kilobytes per second

It's officially summer and everyone needs their official summer music. 
I'm here to give it to you. 

There's no order, no specific styles of music, nor any "right" way to listen. 
I worked on this mix to make it just a shit load of the sounds of summer, and that's it.

Something you can drive to, go swimming to, party to, sit around to.

So enjoy!
(and it's in two parts because one would've been a big, fat download)


I was bored, and so,

Made a video for one of my songs. 
Well, technically I took this from the news feature on K-Fed's preview of my song. 
From my wonderful album. 
Which can be downloaded right here.


Sour - Hibi No Neiro

The song isn't anything special, but it's fun to watch this awesome video in comparison to one like Drake's "Best I Ever Had". 
Shows how creativity and people interested in the music first-and-foremost will always beat a shitload of money put towards getting big-breasted girls and some neat editing programs.

(everyone in the video is straight from the band's fanbase, around the world via webcam)

My MJ cover re-do

Decided to change up a nice village voice cover that I found to make it more iconic.
(The ORIGINAL is right here) here's mine:

Drake-Best I Ever Had (Dir: Kanye West)

Heard this song about 10 times last night. Get the feeling it won't be being turned off at parties any time soon. 

The casting call for this was probably along the lines of Kanye twittering: "n e body who got sum big ass boobies, we need u! + we need a couple awkwardly tall girls too for the audience to be grossed out by in comparison to the girls wit big ass boobies. k thx."

Those are some big ass boobies though, no doubt.