Why is this a great world?

Because E-40 and Bjork have collaborated (in a sense).


MGMT, “Flash Delirium” (Video)

This kind of feels like a collab between Wes Anderson and Matthew Barney.
Fuck, I hate Matthew Barney.
But do I ever love MGMT.


Holla at yo' boy, Jheri, for posting this track.
This dude Tobacco has been making my bus rides far more enjoyable lately.

that photo reminds me of that n64 game,
where you could make a team out of like
wizards, former US presidents and werewolves.

Oh my goodness, need to play again.


I really am a huge fan of the collage art that
seems pretty mandatory for every indie band's
album cover nowadays.



Haven't you heard?

Silkie - Head Butt Da Deck

Only complaint I could possibly muster up about
the whole London Grime scene is the repetition of the songs.

This must be ideal for those in the club
tripping out on whatever they shoved in their butts
prior to getting there.

But for those of us at home in our bathrobes just
looking for new grimy tunes to jam to on our headphones..

What? Just me?
Okay, carry on Silkie.

Gimme more than the life I see

They're really milking this track for its every worth.
But with good reason: it's amazing.

Dan Black is the future.

Joker - Tron

As my non-existent Latino friends would say,

As my non-existent gangster friends would say,
"This shit' fire!"


Sia - Clap Your Hands

R. Kelly - Be My #2

This song is vain
and fairly disrespectful
and stupid as a concept
and the lyrics are retarded
But I love it.


New Charles Hamilton Mixtape

(from new mixtape)

I was actually listening to old Charles yesterday
and thinking how his last mixtape, Normalcy,
didn't quite live up to his "comeback".

What does "last mixtape" mean?
Finally an album on its way?
(one that won't turn into another mixtape, hopefully!)

Can we even believe artists now when they claim
to be doing something for the "last time"?

Charles goes in on a lot of the highlight 2009 beats,
which makes me question how long he's been putting this one off.

But, meh..
Homework vs. listening to new Charles?
Thank you, Mr. Hamilton.

(hopefully this download is a little faster than the ones
on usershare and those b.s. hosting sites)



So much weird shit, so little time.


(I don't know what/who he/she/they/it is/are)
is giving the up a new song
on his/her/their/its

All for the isolated, melancholic, lonely world
to listen to and feel a bit more
isolated, melancholic, and lonely.

: )

You'll find lots of weird symbols,
you'll hear lots of weird noises.
Oh, the fun we will have.

Thank you, Stalker.

Give a listen to this.
And this!

Pill x Killer Mike x SXSW

Killer Mike answers his phone on stage.

Stalker - My Swag

Stalker made it possible for me to listen to Souljaboy!
Because I'm picturing him dying during the track.

It sounds like DJ Screw made this from his melting turntables in hell.

Even his signature is perfect..

Congrats, 'merica!


Rich Aucoin

As aforementioned,
he's a sweetie.


oOoOO - Seaww

Dear oOoOO,
Why so serious? Why so mysterious?
Show us your beautiful faces already, you've already won our hearts!

One Note Samba

This is really, really good songwriting.

Originally written by Brazilian songwriter, Antonio Carlos Jobim.


Gordon Voidwell

Saddened by how long it took me to find this guy.

Sounds like Passion Pit with a black singer and some sooooul.

"Mmm, meth!"

So this is what my aunt who is always vacuuming is on!

Listen to new MGMT album

MGMT's new album, Congratulations,
can be heard over at their website in its entirety for free.

The album cover is kind of dreadful so I chose not to use that picture..
But the music more than makes up for it.
Thank goodness Congratulations is so much more consistent than their last album.

So... no emails or sign-ups necessary,
just get down to the groove!

How To Make It In America (Ep. 6)

How To Make It In America (Ep. 5)


Spike Jonze short: I'm Here

This is such a great, new experience with technology in so many ways.

Spike Jonze has made a 30-minute short about two robots
finding each other in a weird, yet pretty similar reality to our own.

The story feels reminiscent of Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree.

To watch this, you have to go here, to the online theatre.

Maybe you'll have to wait in line,
maybe you'll be just in time for the next showing.

Remember this video!

I was shooting video interviews today in beautiful weather like this,
except it was about the winter parking ban :(
not silly 90s music.

Jonsi - Time To Pretend (MGMT Cover)

Sigur Ros frontman, Jónsi Birgisson, has been doing lots of
poppier stuff without his band lately.
The original sounds like the peak of the party,
this sounds like the clean-up the morning after,
trying to remember all the highlights of the night before.

Fuck Shit Stack

This feels like a more current, more clever "Whack Rappers" by Afroman.
Not that that song wasn't the shit.

Reggie Watts is an intelligent mothafucka.

Gorilla Zoe

I think I like his voice more than his actual music.
All rappers are going to be singers within 5-10 years.
People like Drake are appropriating the whole
rap your own verses and sing your own choruses thing.
Which is great sometimes, and horrible most times.


Devendra Banhart - Baby

What's with indie acts using Wu-Tang members as

Not that the Wu doesn't deserve religious praise.

Listen to Lykke Li and then find a way to re-solidify your heart

Best Drake remix I ever H(e)a(r)d

I was definitely trying to let the original grow on me,
but Dekk stepped the entire thing up so much more
with the pop rock-electronic-y production replacing
Boi-1da's almost-too-sparse drums.

All we want is a little resolution in our music,
Dekk you know what I'm talkin' about.


Did you ever play...

Star Fox?
Ocarina of Time?
Super Mario 64?
Street Fighter?
Blast Corps?
Yoshi's Island?
Donkey Kong Country?
Killer Instinct?

Bye Bye Blackbird

Sifting through the blogosphere everyday,
this is the kind of find that I wait for.

Bye Bye Blackbird takes everything I like about
acts like Neon Indian, Toro Y Moi, and Passion Pit
and throws away all the things I don't like.

Typical "chillwave" bands always have some sort of offensive element
(the sometimes grating vocals from Passion Pit,
or the usually grating quality of Neon Indian)
but I love every part of this EP.

The quality is warm and close to your ears,
but still distant and ambiguous - not giving it all away at once.

Remember Tom Green, the rapper?

Tom Green honestly should've stuck with rapping,
which is weird to say.

Listen to new Autechre for a week

Until March 22nd, the electronic duo, Autechre's new album
is freely streaming for you to listen and have a brain hemorrhage to

I can't recommend the second track enough.
It made my sunny St. Patrick's Day bus ride such a surreal experience.


Cop Magnet Is... Maxwell Velocity

Cop Magnet - Benched (MP3)

For those with an open mind and an open ear, I can't recommend this enough.

I was chatting it up with Cop Magnet today (thanks to the wonderful, magical internet)

and he said there was shit going down with one of the guys who was

supposed to be distributing this album.

So he said fuck it, and now it's free for you and me.

I'm not sure if this is more fitting for the messed up,

confused indie kid or the down-and-out nihilistic thug.

Is there a difference?

This is appropriation at its finest and grittiest.



I find the artist, more than the art, endlessly interesting.
So if you know of Karl Lagerfeld,
you might understand why I could read about him
the whole day through.

Fortunately, my favorite magazine/blog,
has run their 7-page interview with him.

He discusses everything from
  • the lost art of faxing, to
  • why he has never dared to smoke because his hands aren't beautiful enough, to
  • how he sees himself as a pupil of Spinoza, to
  • how he'd like the idea of DJing... or studying antique civilization.