Fuck a picture, a song to sample (see like.. two posts ago).
This is my favorite mixtape of the Summer. How the fuck is this free?

It's a steal, it shouldn't be allowed.
If you're unfamiliar with the name, you'll have to go on my word.

Take the risk it is to try something new and different,

Dark As Night

Brooklyn, stand up.
Nah, I'm just kidding.

People who like the dark, lay down.
And listen to this.



Freddie Gibbs, "On One" (MP3)

Freddie Gibbs runs this internet thing. Deservedly.

(you didn't think he'd stop? And get ready for the new mixtape tomorrow):


New Charles, he's good again.

How's Charles able to succeed and fail so consistently?
One mixtape I'll hate and the next will change my life.
This track shows he's on a good path again. For now.

via p&p

Oh, Japan.

You'll always have a place in my heart.



From the genius British, hungry, grime rapper who brought you "Pies",
here's another Wiley masterpiece about, you guessed it... food!

Daniel J. Santillan

That's Daniel showing off how fun his music is through the art of Photobooth.
This stuff is about as sexy as lo-fi indie-electro is going to sound.
Oh, and "Regina" is some kind of interpolation of Rick James' "Give It To Me Baby".


Bei Major (ft. Keri Hilson), "Gamez"

First R&B song ever to be built around 8-bit sounds?

via hype


Nah, just playin'.
But check out this little compilation that was inspired
by our favorite drunky, fake boobed convict.

Whitney Houston was the finest chick of the '80s.

What a boring day off.
No friends around, girlfriend out of town.
Went to the mall and bought Teflon Don. Saving it for the car.
Right now, indulging in some Whitney.
Working towards my next EP for Galactique Recordings,
consisting of 6-8 covers of female pop songs.
Considering this one.


Kid Cudi, Rostam Batmanglij, Best Coast, "All Summer" (Video)

Here's the vidya.
Imagine how amazing these three would be as a band...


Say My Name

Say My Name's label sent an email our way tonight ("our" as in "my")
with a link to his new EP and an amazing picture of its cover (see above).

As Say's label head describes, it's
"8 tracks of tangy twists and ice-cold instrumentation,
a travelogue through 70's World Music and scratched Blaxploitation
LP's fused together with glitchy urgency and waves of ambience."

How are you not going to like this?
I mean, just listen to this:

Hmm? Hmmmm?!
More? Here's a stream of the whole thing:

On a Rakim fix right now



What a classic beat - it's synonymous with summer heat (excuse the rhyme).
This is the first leak off of J.ViLL's new EP, Chillin' By The Sun.

With these crazy heat waves coming in,
it seems Villa timed this release purrrrfectly.


Allister Izenberg

Allister sent an email, ALL-CAPS-KANYE-STYLE,

and I thought, "uh oh, a noisy, artsy, indie dude?"

I was worried, but now I feel stupid for judging without listening first.

Allister's new EP, Lonesome, is silent, modest pop.

If Damon albarn remained undiscovered or if John never found

George or Paul or Ringo and never moved out of his basement, maybe.

These are flattering comparisons, don't get me wrong.

Lonesome is vewwy, vewwy quiet. As it should be.

It's far from cold though.

These four songs want to strap you to a bed,

wrap you in a snuggie and bring you tea and cookies and cake

until you get stockholm sydrome.

Put on your headphones and submerge.

Allister Izenberg, Lonesome (EP)



Kid Cudi, Rostam Batmanglij, Best Coast, "All Summer" (MP3)

Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast,
Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend,
Kid Cudi of Kid Cudi?





Illfrid Laurier

An indie punk song that samples Gucci Mane?
A weirdass ska song with vocals from "Shake That Laffy Taffy" overtop?
I fucking love music. It has never been more interesting than right now.

Download whole album right here.
Show your friends, they'll think you're the shit.


No recollection of where I found this shit.
But damn glad I did.

Sounds like a theme song for some futuristic sport.

Babe Magnet

Sup shmucks?
Maxwell Velocity himself aka Cop Magnet is selling tapes
right now over at Mirror Universe Tapes.

Two tracks you'll find produced by yours truly.

I'm super excited to be apart of anything cha-boy's doing
because he definitely has the effortless talent to blow up.

I usually think of his verses as ones from a white Lil Wayne,
after a few cups of purple drank.

Got a paypal account?
Get his tape here for five dollars.


I've been posting a lot of rap lately.
Here's some diversity.
Diversify your portfolio, nickas.


MIA, "Teqkilla" (Remix) (ft. Nicki Minaj) (MP3)

Some overwhelming girl power going on here.

Lil Wayne & Gucci Mane, "We Be Steady Mobbin'" (Video)

Sorry for so much Gucci Mane lately. It must be the heat or something.
Did you know Lil Wayne uses one of his grammys as an ashtray?
I guess you couldn't expect any less.

Freddie Gibbs, "Fuck The World" (MP3) (NO DJ/TAGS)

Young Pretty & Top Ada Lyne, "One For The Money" (Video)

This beat was made for summer cruisin'.

Tennis, "South Carolina"

These harmonies are straight twisted, y'all.


MGMT + Air

Two wondrous little duos that you've probably never heard of,
so, yeah.


Rick Ross, "Live Fast, Die Young" (ft. Kanye West) (MP3)

Fader said they're the only two rappers people
still care about right now, I can get behind that.

Summer music, baby. Do as the chorus says.

France Ghost

Now that we have that obligatory Gucci Mane post out of our systems,
lets move on to something completely different.

I love video games, the ones I grew up on (F-Zero, Zelda) moreso
than the ones I play nowadays (scary ultraviolence).
I love hip-hop, the kind I'm discovering more and more each day.
(I can't believe I waited until two days ago for Aquemini).
I love dance music, the kind that isn't made for clubs
or stadium speakers, but for headphones and twiddling your toes to.

If you feel the same about any of these things,
give France Ghost a listen.

Gucci Mane "Antisocial" (ft. Mylah) (Video)

Have you ever wanted to hear Gucci Mane sing?
I understand, but just give it a listen,
it's not nearly as apocalyptically horrible as I was expecting.