Allister Izenberg

Allister sent an email, ALL-CAPS-KANYE-STYLE,

and I thought, "uh oh, a noisy, artsy, indie dude?"

I was worried, but now I feel stupid for judging without listening first.

Allister's new EP, Lonesome, is silent, modest pop.

If Damon albarn remained undiscovered or if John never found

George or Paul or Ringo and never moved out of his basement, maybe.

These are flattering comparisons, don't get me wrong.

Lonesome is vewwy, vewwy quiet. As it should be.

It's far from cold though.

These four songs want to strap you to a bed,

wrap you in a snuggie and bring you tea and cookies and cake

until you get stockholm sydrome.

Put on your headphones and submerge.

Allister Izenberg, Lonesome (EP)


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