Gilbere Forte

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Ghost Houses

"mysterious email was sent to me today by a spooky outfit calling themselves Ghost Houses.

the email contained no info except the track title, band name, and the quote

'VIDEO ET TACEO' which, after a brief google search, I discovered means

'I see and am silent' in Latin and was the official motto of Elizabeth I."

-blackbird blackbird

Peep track two, let it set in.

More Lil B

The dude channels that Wu flow on this one.



††† FRIDAY †HA 13TH †††

First-hand experience is the best way of educating oneself.

Driving a car, playing baseball, or becoming a witchhouse aficionado.

For the latter, fuck googling demonic words or looking up Salem tracks on youtube.

Here's your homework, assigned by SANAFU.

I know nothing whatsoever about SANAFU, so he's already following the

first rule of witchhouse: give the impression you are not actually a pasty human

sitting behind a laptop, but a fucked up spawn of satan going under the name DJ Mengele.

Lots of dark, religious, and geometrical imagery should be on your

myspace page and the worst quality of your songs, the better.

These are all fundamentals for the witchhouse philosophy.

And I'll be damned if I don't love it every time I find a new song.



SANAFU - QU33N QUEER (redid)

STALKER - Disconnection (Disconnected)

White Ring - throned

Zola Jesus - run me out

oOoOO - cold

- uwillloveeachothr


SALEM - pig fucker

SLEEP ∞ OVER - Your World Is Night


S U R V I V E - Omniverse


A Half-Warmed Fish presents,

SANAFU, "††† FRIDAY †HA 13TH †††"



"For fans of: Broadcast, Aphex Twin, Stereolab,

M83, Kraftwerk, Tortoise, Cocteau Twins, Ulrich

Schnauss, echoes and reverb, synthesizers, and

drum machines."

Add "music that deserves to infiltrate your earholes and set up camp" to that list.

Seabright, "Steady" (MP3)

Seabright, "My Deepest Instincts" (MP3)

Listen to the new album.

Befrieeend them and show love

on their myspace.

Lil Faime & B. Reed, "Mummy"

I love where hip-hop is at right now.
I officially fuck with Lil Faime & B. Reed from this point on.


Trey Songz, "Can't Be Friends" (MP3)

Male R&B singers make it really difficult not to hate them.

When they're not peeing on underage girls, they're beating up their R&B singer girlfriends,

or cheating on their R&B singer wives (despite their self-proclaimed "Love King" title).

With Trey Songz, I'm watching his every move, waiting for him to slip.

The thing that makes me most curious about this track is why he didn't name it "Can't Be Friendz"?

That seems like only the right thing to do when your name ends with a 'z'.

Despite my bitching, the song is awesome. So far so good, Songz.

Trey Songz, "Can't Be Friends" (MP3)


La Roux, "Under My Thumb" (Rolling Stones cover) (MP3)

Wow, haven't posted on here for like 5 days.
That's unheard of for me.

Attention has been divided lately because I've been working
like every day and I started writing for a new blog!

But anyway, here's something awesome.



Sometimes having to ask "what the fuck is going on?" is a good thing.
Case in point: anything Kohwi has created.


J. Vill

Just thought I'd give y'all a little REALMUSIC!!?!
Can I say J. Vill defines "hustle" without sounding stupid?
Well, either way, he does.

While you sleep, he's compressing those kick drums so they can crunch just right.
Give this kid some support, he's vurry nice boy.

And I'm on the second track below.
But I'm not biased, I don't roll like that.

Listen to the entire mixtape here.