Shad, "Rose Garden" (Video)

GREAT video.
For the first minute I was like,
"Oh, this is like a not-as-good version of that Pharcyde video".

But then it reaches the halfway point and your brain
understands and then explodes because it makes sense tenfold.

BrandUn DeShay, Volume: Three! To Get Ready (Mixtape)

A bit slow on this one, but better late than never.

Love the art,
it looks like a surreal children's book.

Really enjoying the music,
you can hear him mature through the three volumes.

Oh hey,
remember my interview with him?


Here's a sassy little eclectic group of songs!

M.I.A, "Haters" (MP3)

Journalists, duck!


Vampire Slayer

Vampire Slayer, "Cat Eye" (ft. Maqueta) (MP3)

Hey kids, I'd advise you to make your summer a Mexicali summer.
Vampire Slayer is an L.A. band creating a cold, thick soundscape for your ears to skate across.

If you ever get overheated during your vacation,
chill down with a couple vampires.

In other words,
download this great band's
free album!

Vampire Slayer - Mexicali Summer

Big Boi raps over Crystal Castles

"I like that, man. Crystal Castles f'sho."


GOBBL'd Volume 1

Here's a compilation of remixes done by the wondrous Gobble Gobble.
I suggest you get down to this sexy little collective of "flu pop".
Cecil turns everything he touches into sharp, prickly gold.

Radiant Dragon remixes Teenagers In Tokyo

The original is a fantastic pop song.
But this remix is fucking huge.

Vehicle Blues, "Changer" (MP3)

Is this in major or minor?
Is he singing perfectly in key or completely dissonant?
Is this a refreshing new piece of indie rock or a rehash of the old jams we love to reminisce about at parties?
Is it the fact that I can't identify any of these things that makes it such an interesting song?

Question time is over, children.
It's time to listen.

Vehicle Blues, "Changer" (MP3)

Listen more
Find much more


Freddie Gibbs, "Rock Bottom" (ft. Bun B) (MP3)

Jesus Christ, Freddie,
I hope you're not as depressed as you sound.

Nonetheless... Carry on with the amazing music.

Pill, "Surroundings"

The latest CD I burned for my car has the original of this beat
on it and it's definitely the one I keep going back to time and time again.

Such a classic beat and Pill always knows how to step it up a notch.
This is on his mixtape coming out in five days. More on that later.

Big Boi, "Shutterbugg" (Video)

Amazing visuals. Especially for a rap video.


Concerts I'm in the wrong country for

Performing all of 36 Chambers??? Ugh.


Big K.R.I.T.

You should listen to this.
And download his mixtape.


Mega Ran


Turn it way up,
or Jigglypuff will draw dicks all over your face when you go to bed.

Stop acting like you're too cool for All 4 One

Mega Ran & K Murdock

Video games and rap are two of god's greatest gifts given to humanity
fairly late into the game. But better late than never.

This is rapping over Chrono Trigger samples,
referencing everything from Tomb Raider games to vintage cartoons,
but they're not lame as hell somehow.

These are just a couple of guys who have grown up with
the same video games as the rest of us.


T-Pain x DOM

Oh, the guilty pleasures of T-Pain,
and the obvious pleasures of DOM.

Thank you so much, Hood Internet.



Hey kids,
here are some more treats for your earsies.
Indie, rap, chillywillywave stuff, etc.
The usual.

Nap music after a long day of UV ray abuse.

That fucking keyboard. And Jay Rock references Max Payne, that's coo.

The polar opposite of the song above.

B., you mad? You mad!

A really disorienting combination of acoustic guitar and chopped & screwed rap.


Nickelus F

I found Nickelus F roughly 10 minutes ago,
but I'm already all about these songs.

I really, really loved the sparse beat on Lil Wayne's "I'm Single",
so I'm more than happy to hear Nick take it on and succeed.

I was scared this was going to be a song dedicated twitter or blogging ,
but no, just "street shit", as they say. And we love it, don't we?

He has a mixtape coming out at the end of this month.
I'll post that when it's up.


Momus, "Building Song" (Video)

Momus posted this video today on his youtube account,
and I'm so glad I didn't ignore it like every other recommended video I'm greeted with.

As he describes it,
"This is a song I wrote when I was 16 and have been carrying around in my head ever since,
but never actually recorded until now."

Momus is 50-51 years old, yet he continues to develop as a musician
(and much more rapidly over the past 5-10 years).

This song is softer and lighter than anything you've
ever seen or heard from a 50~ year old.

Except for maybe Kieslowski's Blue.

New Drake

Hey there, new drizzy-Drake.

via fader


KhanArtist dropped me a line a few days ago about
this huge compilation he put together with a ton of different artists.

This thing, The Asiatic Black Ranger, is huge.
37 tracks in total, each from a different rapper from a different part of North America.
(New Jersey, Cali, T.O, and more - chances are you're being represented).

This is pretty exciting for people who might enjoy discovering a shitload
of budding artists on their way to getting some fame.

But it was specifically Khan's track that I wanted to listen to over and over.
Definitely the most focused and unique song on the entire compilation.
Dude's a good artist too.

Download the Asiatic Black Ranger:


Beach House cover Gucci Mane's "Lemonade"

via fader

Fuck Bieber fever, we all know that Gucci Fever is
much deadlier and much more widespread.

I don't know if that's good or not,
but if it was all for the sake of this cover coming together,
then it was worth it.

New Defame mix

Some more selfless self-promotion of myself.

Defame, "YOU DIED" Mix

1a. Silent Hill 2, "Track 2
1b. Clip from the movie It
2. GZA, "Liquid Swords"
3a. Lloyd Banks, "Beamer Benz or Bentley"
3b. Clip from the movie The Ring
4a. 89 The Brainchild, "Bally, Bitches, and Beer"
4b. Clips from the game Earthbound
5. Cop Magnet, "Geeked Out" (Prod. by Ryan Hemsworth & Rene Netherlands)
6. Goosebumps Remix
7a. Ocarina of Time OST, "Deku Tree"
7b. Clips from Silent Hill 2
7c. Metal Gear Solid OST, "Mantis' Hymn"
8. Momus, "Dracula"
9. Super Mario World OST, "Haunted House
10. Pokemon OST, "Lavender Town"


89 The Brainchild

Alternate link here

This track from 89er sits as comfortable a headphone banger
as a convertible jam with the roof up,
or a club closer at 4am.

The production sounds like the instrumental for an imaginary Gang Starr & Kid Cudi collaboration.

And if you like this, grab his new mixtape:

Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull

Lapsing time (like a boss).

This guy went over to Iceland on his own time and money to shoot this in a day or two.
He thought that the country was getting a bad rap lately.
I think he did it justice.

Mickey Mickey Rourke

"Most music chooses its own position in terms of your listening to it.
Muzak wants to be back there.
Punk wants to be up front.
Classical wants to be another place.
I wanted to make something you could slip in and out of.
You could pay attention or you could choose not to be
distracted by it if you wanted to do something while it was on.
I can’t read with a pop record playing, or with most classical records.
They’re not intended to leave that part of the mind free – my mind, anyway.
Ambient music allows many different types of attention."
-Brian Eno

Mickey Mickey Rourke follows the Eno theory
and creates something that is entirely there,
but not a distraction from life.

Download the homie's album for free here.


The Hood Internet


The melody and the progression meld
together into such a beautiful thing...

I can't believe Drake's part was once over a shite Timbaland beat.

We need more cooperation between the indie-rock and rap worlds!


Entrepreneurs are killin' it,
Radiant Dragon is ripping shit up,

Can I get an amen?


Asher Roth, "Muddy Swim Trunks" (Video)

Hey, geeks

You can download Portal for free now.

1. Download Steam.
2. Download Portal (about 5 gigs).
3. Play.

PC users download Steam here.
Mac users download Steam here.




1. Click on My Computer

2. Click on C:

3. Click on WINDOWS

4. Click on Media

5. Click on onestop

6. Listen

7. Question why that is there

8. Enjoy it


Try a song that has an unappealing title to you.

Maybe you'll be surprised - or maybe not.

Gay Against You, "Sooo Heat" (MP3)

"Searching low and high, during day and in twilight, for a way to preserve summer."

Entrepreneurs, "Hip-hop/Beyonce/Antichrist" (MP3)

"You'd rather have a Lexus or justice/ A dream or some substance."

Boat Beam, "Commitment to the Company" (MP3)

"Don't insist you know why."

Calvin Harris, "Stillness In Time" (Jamiroquai cover) (MP3)

"Guess I'll have to search the spaces in my mind/ For that stillness in time."

Trouble Andrew, "Fly sooo High Remix" (ft. Hollywood Holt & Jackie Chain) (MP3)

"Leanin' like a bad Toupée."