Try a song that has an unappealing title to you.

Maybe you'll be surprised - or maybe not.

Gay Against You, "Sooo Heat" (MP3)

"Searching low and high, during day and in twilight, for a way to preserve summer."

Entrepreneurs, "Hip-hop/Beyonce/Antichrist" (MP3)

"You'd rather have a Lexus or justice/ A dream or some substance."

Boat Beam, "Commitment to the Company" (MP3)

"Don't insist you know why."

Calvin Harris, "Stillness In Time" (Jamiroquai cover) (MP3)

"Guess I'll have to search the spaces in my mind/ For that stillness in time."

Trouble Andrew, "Fly sooo High Remix" (ft. Hollywood Holt & Jackie Chain) (MP3)

"Leanin' like a bad Toupée."

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