New Defame mix

Some more selfless self-promotion of myself.

Defame, "YOU DIED" Mix

1a. Silent Hill 2, "Track 2
1b. Clip from the movie It
2. GZA, "Liquid Swords"
3a. Lloyd Banks, "Beamer Benz or Bentley"
3b. Clip from the movie The Ring
4a. 89 The Brainchild, "Bally, Bitches, and Beer"
4b. Clips from the game Earthbound
5. Cop Magnet, "Geeked Out" (Prod. by Ryan Hemsworth & Rene Netherlands)
6. Goosebumps Remix
7a. Ocarina of Time OST, "Deku Tree"
7b. Clips from Silent Hill 2
7c. Metal Gear Solid OST, "Mantis' Hymn"
8. Momus, "Dracula"
9. Super Mario World OST, "Haunted House
10. Pokemon OST, "Lavender Town"

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