Hey Arnold: Pigeon Man

Saddest episode of a cartoon ever.
The world needs more Arnolds and less Harolds!

Alex Kresovich's Gold N Fly: 007

Anyone who grew up with n64 will know what's up.

Gold N’ Fly: 007 masterfully manipulates the music from the classic Nintendo 64

title Goldeneye: 007 to create a work of art that is both nostalgic and contemporary.

Alex puts an innovative twist on the brilliant compositions of Graeme Norgate and Grant Kirkhope,

repurposing their soundtrack for remixes of popular songs by the likes of

Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne, Drake and Eminem.

The result is a generous serving of high-quality hip-hop,

as well as a veritable trip down memory lane.

This release is for anyone who remembers the thrill of flicking their Nintendo 64’s

power switch and jumping into the world of James Bond with their closest friends."

-Alex Kresovich

Two highlights:

T.I. - Ride Wit Me (Archives) (MP3)

Rick Ross - Hustlin' (Runway) (MP3)

Download here.

You have heard Ocarina of Rhyme, haven't you?

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This μnłıłĿΞΔ dude,

my friend and yours,

is killing the sludgy aesthetic that all of us

web surfers have grown to love over time like our weird uncles.

I don't know much about him,

and though I could ask him what he's like and his favorite color,

I prefer the mystique that I'm sure he also prefers to be wrapped up in.

In "destinee" all I recognize is Beyonce's "ee-yeah-eh!" from "Say My Name",

but even that is morphed into a cackle bouncing back and forth between your headphone channels.

Bump this shit.

And drop μnłıłĿΞΔ a message on his soundcloud.

Tell him we want more.

μnłıłĿΞΔ - "destinee" (MP3)

μnłıłĿΞΔ - "who want thizz" (MP3)

Pill, "Ok Dennn" (Video)

I need a new refill of these songs.

Kate Miller-Heidke, "Facebook Song (Are you Fucking Kidding Me)"

Best. Chorus. Ever.
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Drake, "Find Your Love" (Prod. by Kanye) (MP3) + Remix

Wuddup new Drizzy.
You're sounding pretty mellow,
and that midi piano is sure getting its soul squeezed.

Rappers are making whiter music than white people right now.

But yeah,
I could give this a few listens for sure.

I got blog warning so I had to remove the mp3.

Here's a lo-fi drone remix I made of the song.
I'm sure you can find the original anywhere else.


I think this is a metaphor for dicks.

Theophilus London, I Want You (New mixtape)

Bong-bong! (Rza voice)
My summer can finally start now.

Sartorialist in Japan

I love street fashion and I love Asia.
So when I checked The Sartorialist the other day
and saw that he was in Japan for a little while,
I shat.

That girl is wearing a Louis Vuitton bag as a napsack.
Even as a guy that's pretty inspiring.

Fuckin'... Insane Clown Posse...

I really hate to give this video any more plays
because it could lead to one more album sale
which could fuel these guys' coke addictions for another day.

But nonetheless, I must.

I've been seeing this meme pop up on the internets everywhere,
and recognized the fat fuck's face but I didn't bother trying to find the source,
until 5 minutes ago.

this song is about Miracles.
"Fuckin' miracles".

One of them raps the line,
"Water, fire, air and dirt / Fucking magnets, how do they work?"

followed by,
"Man, fuck talking to scientists!"

Maybe if you finished high school you'd be a bit more
convincing with these "fuckin' miracles".

This video looks like that shitty Mortal Kombat game that
I bought from my friend for 5$ in elementary school.
Which sucked.

Everything to do with this song, video, and band is cancerous.



Theophilus London, "I Want You" (MP3)

Theo can do no wrong,
and now it's a matter of hours before his new mixtape drops!

He gets singy for us on this revamp of Marvin Gaye's classic.
It's a perfect meeting between the old and new schools.

As to be expected,
it's so smooth it's sticky.


Theophilus London, "Life of a Lover" (Video)

This new mixtape is shaping up to be radically different
from Theo's older stuff with Machinedrum.
I'm hoping he still has some tracks produced by him though!
And grab the MP3 here,
thanks to p&p.


New little project of mine.

Fuck with girly pop songs

M.I.A, "Born Free" (Video)

I'm still a bit on the fence about this song,
but the video alone is worth a few views.

Crazy concept once you find out who is being targeted.
It's directed by the guy who did Justice's "Stress",
and it's just as stressful.


65daysofstatic, "Mountainhead" (MP3)

The new album by 65daysofstatic was released today.
This title track is so refreshing.
So much happening.

Don't stick this into a genre.

Gorillaz live on Colbert Report

The (real - or not real..) band does a thumping performance of "Stylo".
Can't embed, click here.

First footage of Hobo With a Shotgun

This may be the only thing that makes me truly proud of where I'm from.

Twin Sister, "All Around and Away We Go" (Live on a rooftop)

Shot in Brooklyn or Queens.

All we have in Halifax is the "Miscellaneous Marching Band"

who roam the streets and suck at their instruments.

Daedelus - Stampede Me (Video)

This feels kind of like Twin Peaks in how it makes you
feel a lot emotions without giving almost any narrative
to build off of in your mind.

More fit for thinking with the heart.
And when the colors go all fucky, my heart thinks it's pretty rad.


The freaks come out at night

Sad dog story..

"This dog’s owner was hit by a car and was killed instantly.
The doctor’s covered the body up and as they did so,
the owner’s dog wandered over and sniffed the man’s arm.
The dog realised it was his owner and curled up in a ball next to the owner and cried."



Yay birthday!

My birthday came together really nicely in the end.
No presents but lots of friends.
All that matters, boys and girls.

I love how the guy sings the first verse of this song,
caught me so off guard.

obviously via fader.
(my blog lately just feels like a fader feed)

Chiddy Bang, "Truth" (Video)

"I'm in the lab like Bill Nye the Science Guy"

Kil Ripkin

The great thing about this blog (very) slowly making the rounds is having

the odd person find it that really has something to prove with a voice worth listening to.

Lately, I've been getting emails mainly from indie bands and the like,

which is great, but when I got an email from Kil Ripkin,

I jumped on that usershare link like there was no other choice.

On "Aftermath pt. 1", we're given a taste of an Eric G beat,

one that could contest with anything from Boi-1-da's catalogue.

Once Ripkin goes in, he sounds like Jay Electronica's lost brother,

or the missing member of Wu-Tang.

There's no doubt that this dude has a great balance of raw energy and intelligence on the mic.

The second track I got was "Mind Free",

with some production from Nyce & Don Newkirk,

which lets Ripkin take a breath and get his point across.

Sounds like a thesis on freedom under the government overtop a College Dropout-era Kanye beat.

Both of these tracks are leaks from his upcoming album, The Balancing Act.

If you don't recognize the name,

all the more reason to click the songs and give the man a second of your time.

Kil Ripkin - Aftermath pt. 1 (MP3)

Kil Ripkin - Mind Free (MP3)


Darwin Deez, "Radar Detector" (Video)

Although Darwin Deez looks like the ultra, undefeated hipster overlord,

his music deserves any praise it gets and more.

A hipster with actual songwriting abilities, not just masking his songs with shitty cassette-quality recordings.

Feels like a strange thing right now.

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Don't listen to these if you're antsy or feeling impatient.

They're slow burners - good for those rising from the dead after 4/20.


how is 4/20 anything?

If you're a pot smoker, it's a day when you can smoke pot.

As opposed to.. any other day.

Whatever your poison may be,

overdose to these songs from vaaes.


Just 'cause I'm in that mood again,
here's some more asian isht for y'all.

Kashiwa Daisuke - Requiem

Probably the only song ever worthy of being titled "Requiem".
Just wait until it kicks in.

New Shugo Tokumaru album tomorrow (Port Entropy)

While everyone drooled pools for Sigur Ros over the past decade,

Shugo's undeniably uplifting music has been slept on.

Well, I'll have no more of it.
Listen and smile.

His new album, Port Entropy, is out 4/21, and hopefully I can get my hands on a copy.
If it ever makes it outside of Japan.
(The video and songs are from it.)

White Flight, "Panther" (MP3)

This track was produced (or at least co-produced?) by Ratatat.
That alone is enough to give a listen, no?

I'm officially detached from all things school-related this Friday.
Then it's free floatin' like my boy Snorlax.

via fader

Doris Norton

This chick is crazy.

She put out all of her "big" stuff in the early-to-mid '80s
and was never heard from again, if she ever had been in the first place.

Some of her songs though, like "Rave", predate certain genres and music scenes
by years with how technically advanced they sound.

And she's a bit better looking than Wendy/Walter Carlos.

Techno artists need to step their game up,
your music sounds like hers did 25 years ago!

Old Kanye footage

Skip to about 3:20 and you can hear him previewing "Jesus Walks".
I love this old footage.


The Hoof & The Heel - "Fireworks" (Video)

I can't remember the last time I actually cared about
or felt any emotion for characters in a music video.

But this video is wicked,
I didn't even know the band,
so their song was a nice cherry on top.