Kil Ripkin

The great thing about this blog (very) slowly making the rounds is having

the odd person find it that really has something to prove with a voice worth listening to.

Lately, I've been getting emails mainly from indie bands and the like,

which is great, but when I got an email from Kil Ripkin,

I jumped on that usershare link like there was no other choice.

On "Aftermath pt. 1", we're given a taste of an Eric G beat,

one that could contest with anything from Boi-1-da's catalogue.

Once Ripkin goes in, he sounds like Jay Electronica's lost brother,

or the missing member of Wu-Tang.

There's no doubt that this dude has a great balance of raw energy and intelligence on the mic.

The second track I got was "Mind Free",

with some production from Nyce & Don Newkirk,

which lets Ripkin take a breath and get his point across.

Sounds like a thesis on freedom under the government overtop a College Dropout-era Kanye beat.

Both of these tracks are leaks from his upcoming album, The Balancing Act.

If you don't recognize the name,

all the more reason to click the songs and give the man a second of your time.

Kil Ripkin - Aftermath pt. 1 (MP3)

Kil Ripkin - Mind Free (MP3)

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