This μnłıłĿΞΔ dude,

my friend and yours,

is killing the sludgy aesthetic that all of us

web surfers have grown to love over time like our weird uncles.

I don't know much about him,

and though I could ask him what he's like and his favorite color,

I prefer the mystique that I'm sure he also prefers to be wrapped up in.

In "destinee" all I recognize is Beyonce's "ee-yeah-eh!" from "Say My Name",

but even that is morphed into a cackle bouncing back and forth between your headphone channels.

Bump this shit.

And drop μnłıłĿΞΔ a message on his soundcloud.

Tell him we want more.

μnłıłĿΞΔ - "destinee" (MP3)

μnłıłĿΞΔ - "who want thizz" (MP3)

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