Glittering Shipwrecks

Nathan (aka Glittering Shipwrecks) sent a sweetheart of an email
my way earlier today and I was worried I'd have to post just out of guilt
and obligation even if his music stank!

Luckily, I didn't have to outstep my boundaries as a perfect, ethical journalist.

Because.. his music is great!

As Nathan stated,

"It's a good way to fantasize about days in more beachy climes

instead of being smothered by the blistering heat of Dallas (my home)."

As technology advances and improves rapidly,

it seems like music lovers and musicians become more and more

interested in the flaws, errors, and plain low fidelity of

certain recording equipment and techniques.

A lot of the time it's just a cover-up for bad songwriting,

but once in a while it's as perfectly flawed as the

freckle on your girlfriend/boyfriend's face.

You can also download an old, extra lo-fi EP of his here.

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