Kohwi - Hidden Trees

"I can't seem to make up my mind when it comes to what kind of music i want to make.
So what is the result? A continuously warping every-flowing continuous day-trip
dreamworld of an auditory experience. Jumping ship from weird electronic pop, psychadelic,
hip hop, IDM, minimal electronic,underwater glowing warped piano ballads, ambient, whatever.

I call this album psychadelic sleep music. It's not really meant for sleeping to,
but it's meant for those moments in between asleep and awake
where your consciousness is most susceptible to altered versions of reality.
That's when my album will sound best.....or when you're on drugs.

Artwork by the ever awesome Jheri of GETOFFTHECOAST."

Music is so different now. Fuck a PR person or a manager,
this blurb is more interesting than anything even the journalist (me?) could
write for this release. Kohwi also attached a Sugar Ray cover in the email.

Like. Dude knows how to woo people. Or me, at least.

download or buy the full album.

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