Kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being

After a long day of trying to understand Kant's theories and finding out that the journalism programme I was optimistically thinking about next year takes a very, very scarce lot of students, it's safe to say I was ready for some good news, because it always seems to be an infrequent cycle (some times taking longer than others). And lo and behold, a compliment... from one of my favorite musicians... on my own music!

I commented on Momus' blog the other day, and came home this afternoon to find the response: "By the way, if you're Ryan Hemsworth I really love your new album!" 

Well hot damn, thank you sir. I must say, I've been having so much luck conversing with musicians from around the world lately that I can't help but feel grateful to have... internet!
As much as it loves to do me wrong at times (as technology does in general), these are the moments where I realize I couldn't imagine my life without such an invention; a way of life.

Check out this wonderfully catchy Momus song, from his album Joemus:

And nothing wrong with a little shameless self-promotion, the album that Momus spoke kindly of:

(and, my girlfriend just posted the cutest street pictures)

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