Killer Mike makes his last album free

To promote his upcoming album,
Killer Mike has decided to give permission to
internet users to freely download his previous record,

The production alone on this album is spot-on.
Grand, inspired production - not the typical lazy dirty south sound.

Mike is equivalent in talent with acts like
Outkast, 3 6 Mafia, Pill, etc.
Unfortunately, just without the deserved amount of fame.

"I tend to think like the American male, in terms of what is going on in the American working-class male's life right now. The guy that puts on a Coca-Cola uniform or a Fed Ex or UPS Hip Hop, our lives are an extension of that. Whether a writer or a deejay, we're built on working-class, blue-collar values, so I try to speak to those people. I think that what you're hearing in the music is what's to come, what's happening now, and even some solutions. I think it's needed, and I'm glad it's appreciated."

Download the album by clicking here.

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