KiD CuDi - A KiD Named CuDi

If I had to choose the most "now" artist as of late, or of the future even, it would have to be KiD CuDi. He makes beautiful rap - can you think of any examples of such a thing?

No, you cannot. So download his amazing, free mixtape and find out what such a thing sounds like:

Also, he managed to get a snippet of his new (80's-esque epic) song, Sky Might Fall, in a trailer for the Transformers sequel. It's the thought that counts!
(The story behind how he managed this little gig is that he literally was just.. watching that trailer and his own song started playing on random when he was listening to music, and he thought, "that'd be wack." Then he "hollered" at Michael Bay. Don't you hate your life?)

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