Ladyhawke - (You Are My) Hellfire

Ladyhawke's lead-guitarist, Darcy Hancock said, "“In Vancouver there seems to be a lot of interest in rock music where people can get drunk and dance, basically.” 
From the sounds of it, Ladyhawke is the epitome of a B.C. rock band.

Their sound is rough, gnarly, yet remains catchy - something you couldn't say about most rough, gnarly bands.
Hancock describes it best saying, "The first album is about the troubles of a working-class man, the new album is more about self-mutilation by getting wasted.”

I never thought I'd be so addicted to a song I'd classify as 'vampire rock', but I am.
And you will too:

Ladyhawke - (You Are My) Hellfire (just follow the link and click download mp3)

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