Realism emerging in video games

I remember thinking when I was a kid how I would despise if video games looked like and imitated real life.
Back then there seemed to be no chance of such a thing happening,
with Donkey Kong's pre-rendered 3D graphics being the most cutting edge thing to ever grace my TV screen.

But it seems the older I get, the more accepting, and expecting, I get of realism in video games.

If I want to open fire on civilians in an airport, I can have at it.
If I want to blow myself up in a police station, what's stopping me?
If I want to just drive a car.. Well, you get the drift.

What's amazing is that all these things have been more or less possible through the history of video games.

The first Grand Theft Auto was released in the mid-nineties, but what sets the present apart from the past is that I'm now able to see a freckle on the detached arm of a person I blew up with my rocket launcher.

And isn't that a beautiful thing?

Gran Turismo 5 is coming out sometime next year.
To say the graphics are great is an understatement.
At this point, if your eyes don't leave the frame of your TV screen, you're literally driving a car.
Once a game like this comes out,
all it makes me realize is how hard it will be for me to go back to Rad Racer:

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