Whispering of the Gods (2005)

Watched this truly disturbing film earlier today.
This and Antichrist definitely take the cake together for most fucked films I've seen this year.

I'm honestly still trying to figure out the reason for making what I just watched.
A really good reviewer, Tom Mes, expresses the same thoughts in a review:

“It's hard to tell exactly what debuting director Omori is trying to say with the forced hand jobs, fellatios, bestiality and plain old physical abuse. Is it an indictment against the church? An allegory about the human condition? A warning? Pure fiction? There are no clear indications, but what is sure is that it paints a very bleak portrait of contemporary humanity. Its last line of dialogue, "Let's get back to shoveling shit", seems to express its viewpoint most clearly.”

Straight up, Tom Mes.

The cinematography was definitely beautiful.

That always seems to be the case with fucked up movies,

the director hires some guy who is amazing with lights and you walk away like,

"Damn, that was fucking grotesque.. Sure was pretty though, huh?"

But seriously, director Omori? Explain yourself.

I'm waiting.

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