Open Minds Vol. 3 (The Hip-Hop Edition)

Here's a 10-track mixtape compiled by Tyler at Flashlight Tag.
Pretty much each one is a cover/remix from a different artist that Tyler's cool with,
so it's always awesome to see a group effort come together like this.

1. Mickey Brown, "The Choice Is Yours” (Black Sheep)

2. Wonder Bear, "Running Back” (Gucci Mane)

3. Roads and Boats, "Still Dre” (Dr.Dre/Snoop Dogg)

4. High Heels (aka Nature’s Kid), ”kUbrick freestyle” (Original recording)

5. Petersen, ”Someone To Call My Lover ” (Janet Jackson cover)

6. Guerre, "Scared Money” (Saul Williams cover)

7. Ra Cailum, "Left Me” (Original recording)

8. Collarbones, "Cater 2 U” (Destiny’s Child cover)

9. The Townhouses, "Faithful” (Common)

10. Galapagos, "See U Purple Times Are Changing” (Prince)


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