I was introduced to Querkus in the context of David Lynch, and his every little mystical creation

that has gone from his brain to a film camera, a piece of paper, or more recently, a synthesizer.


The downtempo / visual duo have been making their way on tour from Winnipeg

over the past week and on Thursday, Jan. 20, they'll be landing at Gus' Pub

to perform and help the Maritimes celebrate film director David Lynch's 65th birthday.


Five years ago the band held a grand party for the director's 60th birthday, which Lynch himself endorsed.

It does make sense though that these two stars have aligned more than once.


In Lynch's films, from Eraserhead to Inland Empire, he's been able to evoke the rawest emotions

in his audience, which are only empowered by his obscure way of presenting image and sound together.

The latter is something vital to surreal directors like him or Takashi Miike (at his strangest),

and Querkus comes off at times like the ideal composers for these great films.


The Winnipeg duo manage to be visual in the way that The Smashing Pumpkins were to me when I was around 13 or 14. Visual music can take you away, evoke an image (sometimes many), and if it's great, like some of Querkus' tracks are, leave you stranded in that place even after the music has finished.


If you're in Halifax on the 20th and find yourself in the mood for a beer and some ethereal rock,

take a trip down Mulholland Dr. -- not literally. You can find Gus' Pub here.


And don't forget, in heaven everything is fine.


Querkus, "There Will Always Be" (MP3)

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