I wish I could control this skepticism I feel when I get MP3 submissions.

Really love getting them, but when I wake up with some in my inbox,

part of me feels worried I might have to send a "sorry" reply.


I don't know where Mohamed Haniff's music lies exactly, in terms of genres,

but he definitely won't be getting that kind of email back.


It's probably the sunniest day it's been here in Halifax since before the winter season kicked in.

The Climate Change EP is playing off this pretty well, but it's not something I'd go out

into the world and listen to - I'm much more content just sitting in my living room,

near the windows, looking at how nice it is outside. Not that it's not active listening music,

but I'd prefer to let it enhance what I'm seeing and thinking about,

not necessarily experiencing or feeling first-hand.


In terms of the actual tracks, I can't tell what they make me want to do more:

play Chrono Trigger or get dressed up for the nearest ball.

There could be some video game influence here,

there could be some jazz influence,

there could even be some lounge influence -

it's really hard to say. I just know that it's good 10AM music -

nothing to slap you in the face before the world does.


Haniff's also from Barbados, studying in Ottawa right now...

which is only another factor in making this music (and how it came to be) all the more confusing.


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