"When I realized I was gonna have to do this project on my own

and my brother wasn't gonna be by my side, I sort of felt the fear of God myself"

-Pusha T


What do rappers, rap DJs, and rap bloggers have against using a good site to host their mixtapes on?

Fuck a Zshare - I'ma be a mediafire OG 'til the death of me.



this - combined with The Weeknd's new album - single-handedly ruined

the music industry for me. As in, I don't want to buy music anymore, in the slightest.


In fact, most of the shit I like right now on my Itunes, I got for free. Legally.

That's weird.


Pusha T, "I Still Wanna" (ft. Rick Ross & Ab Liva) (MP3)

Pusha T, "Raid" (ft. 50 Cent & Pharrell Williams) (MP3)


Pusha T, Fear of God (zip)

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