Superfluous hyphens and other devices are the first things that worry me
when I'm about to listen to a new artist. You know, you find so many
artists with them nowadays on your blogs that you begin to expect
the same tape hiss and crappy drum loops, yet you keep clicking.
Mono/poly's music is so refreshing, you can put a triangle in your name,
a cross, surround every letter with a period, capitalize it all.
I won't mind.
Mono/poly's sound - the description is going to be redundant if
you read a lot of indie music blogs - comes off as Samiyam-y,
off-kilter drums, glossy synths and shell shock bass (also synthesized).
It's Flying Lotus-y, which would explain his new album, Manifestations,
coming out on FlyLo's label Brainfeeder. It all makes perfect sense.
Anyway, just promise to listen until the bass comes in.
Promise, okay?

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